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The nutrition and workout fat loss program created by Joel Marion is called Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Specifically, the focus is on helping men and women achieve the most rapid fat loss possible in 25 days. This is the duration of this particular system.

The system is split into five days, which are repeated five times in succession. These are Cheat Day, Shake Day, Fast Day, Moderate Carb Day, and Protein-only Day.

The system includes comprehensive diet and training manuals, success log, workout log, reference list and various bonuses.

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Feedback & Overview

4 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

“i purchased the diet this afternoon. it looks ok, but beware- you have to be EXTREMELY dedicated for 25 days. this is not something that really allows for slip ups. “
Portion of actual user comment on worldofdiets.com

“I feel a great sense of achievement and I’m definitely happy with what I see in the mirror. The results may not have been Xtreme, but they are great!”
Portion of actual user comment on fatlossquickie.com

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet has some of the most detailed user reviews of all the diet and fitness plans out there. Consumer feedback is positive and transparent. The system works well, but does require dedication. Fortunatley, the “cheat” day, which is where the diet actually starts, helps with this. Can be purchased with confidence.

Product Details

Company info

XtremeFatLossDiet.com was registered on 30 January 2010.

Product Specifications

Comprehensive diet and training manuals, plus success logs, workout logs and a range of bonuses



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Full 60 days 100% refund guarantee

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