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Beyond Diet by Isabel De Los Rios: a world renowned nutrition expert, author, speaker, and practitioner. Isabel speaks about weight loss from her own experience.

In her book, Isabel uncovers foods that are commonly thought to be good for you when, in fact, they are unhealthy and may make you fatter than you really are.

The Beyond Diet Program allows you to build a sensible eating plan without deprivation, or unbalanced consumption of macro-nutrients.

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Feedback & Overview

4.5 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

"I’ve used the program myself and recommended to many others... The Beyond Diet Program helped me lose weight and feel healthy and energized at the same time. For the money, it’s the best deal in the weight loss industry."
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"I'm not big fan of spending money online but my regular diet routine was getting really boring. This diet gave me some good ideas and tips to mix things up and get my weight loss going again."
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Customers posting Beyond Diet reviews and comments on weight loss forums really rate this product highly. It is probably the most popular at the time of writing with a negligible refund rate. Consumers like Isabel's writing style, which is considered to be simple, straightforward, and allows people to focus and achieve their goals to burn fat and get a flatter tummy. Top product.

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Company info was registered on 1 October 2007.

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180 page eBook



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Full 60 days 100% refund guarantee

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