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A slightly alkaline body is crucial for good health, states the Acid Alkaline Diet by Michael Murray, and the average western diet is acid-producing.

This product aims to teach the rules of alkaline dieting, and claims to renew vigor and mental clarity, foster better over-all health, and get a lean trim body.

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2 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

"It was a little scary for me letting go of my sweet tooth, but now I have lost so much weight and my skin is glowing and I find myself so alert and energetic."
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"Some of the food choices are strange and make for weird combinations. No scientific backing."
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A mixed bag of consumer experience on this diet make for a disconcerting overall score. Users didn't like what they see as a collection of contradictions and little explanation/ scientific reasoning behind the diet's instructions.

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Company info was registered on 8 December 2003.

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